There Are BIG Differences

Why Use Us?

We Do It For You



We put ourselves in your shoes and do all we can to make the fundraiser easier.  Who prints the parent letters, collates brochures, counts out the brochures by classroom, and creates the announcements and reminders for your email and social media? Who does the data entry for your order forms, packs every order by seller, and fulfills rewards? Who creates a reminder letter for parents to pick up their order, delivers on the day you choose, and unloads trucks? Answer to all is : WE DO!

Use Your Phone


  Are you a mobile device user? You can text your group's code to our number and receive all available items in seconds. Share via text/email to quickly reach people and let them use their favorite digital payment method. Text FUNDS to 1-844-229-1999 to see it work.

Quick and Accurate


The best fundraisers are efficient and accurate. Many companies take 3-5 weeks just to deliver after receiving orders. We do it in half that time. Using barcode scanners along with careful packing procedures, our accuracy is unmatched. Fewer problems with quicker turnarounds make everyone happy!